Yassir Sahnoun

For about three years, I’ve been struggling to maintain a healthy sleep routine that will guarantee me a productive day.

Still, loads of excuses jump off from nowhere while I try to wake up early – Even if it’s 10 AM.

In fact, in the last four months, I’ve been taking naps almost every day.

But… Not any kind of siestas.

I mean, the ones with which I make sure I can’t sleep for work the next day.

Well, as the famous saying goes, all BAD things must come to an end.

And this crazy sleeping habit is one of them.

I’ve had enough of it…

I’m starting this 30-Day Wake Up Early challenge because:

  • I want to commit to a morning routine
  • My religion favors waking up at dawn
  • My productivity is at its highest level when the sun is out and stars are disappearing
  • I am willing to clear off my mind and stop stressing out on a consistent basis
  • I want to get things done
  • I want to up my inner game by getting out of my comfort zone

I’m kicking this challenge off by September the 19th at 5 AM and ending it by October the 19th.




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