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Hello, I’m Yassir

A HubSpot Certified Content Strategist for SaaS Companies

One Trick Pony

I strategize and produce content for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. Sometimes I help clients improve their content strategy, optimize their websites for search engines, or create & run their entire content marketing architecture from scratch.

Featured Clients & Testimonials

There are many effective content writers, and there are many effective SEO/SEM strategists. However, there are very few who understand and excel at both. Now, add to this a high level of professionalism and business understanding, and there is only a handful left. Yassir belongs to this select group. His high-level results always far exceed the costs.

Peter Galante, Co-Founder and COO @ Innovative Language Co., Ltd.

Yassir was a pleasure to work with on our guest blogging program at Crazy Egg. He is a strong writer who provided many helpful real-world popup form examples to our target audience of conversion rate optimizers and growth marketers.

Juliana Casale, Head of Marketing at Crazy Egg.

Yassir is a talented and reliable writer who is dedicated to producing consistent, high-quality content. He works very well with editors and always meets deadlines. He's very open to feedback and developing his skills, and his articles are always valued contributions to our blogs. I would happily recommend Yassir to anyone looking for high-quality marketing content from a dependable writer who's easy to work with.

Jade Mudri, Content Editor at Monitor Backlinks & CoSpot.com

What i do


Blog Content

Content Strategy



Blog Content

Blog posts allow you to gain good marketing traction and build your authority as a brand.

Working on a weekly schedule will allow you to quickly build up a base of informative articles on your site, and give you regular content to post to your social media channels and keep in touch with your customers.

Content Strategy

Publishing blog posts and sending emails won’t cut it without the right systems in place.

To get started with any project, I always put together a proven, data-driven content strategy that would guarantee delivering your message and telling your story the right way.


In a world where gazillions of new online companies show up every day, it’s easy to settle for average copy like your competitors’.

But why settle for one-size-fits-all copy that turns away potential customers? How do you go about communicating your message and standing out from the masses?

This is where copywriting comes in.



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